boton public participation 1Mediation has been increasingly recognised in a great number of Countries as an important technique to settle disputes arising between people coming from different cultures, traditions, religions and juridical systems and so, professionals, must be now be very well prepared. In addiction, mediation system is strongly recommended by EU according to the Dir.IP/2008/52 that obliges Member States to encourage the training of mediators and gives every Judge in the Community, at any stage of the proceedings, the right to invite the parties to have recourse to mediation if the Judge deems it appropriate. But, despite the formal support for the use of mediation, the actual situation is that in some EU countries mediation is further developed than in others, and this makes dealing with cross border mediations really complex.

In order to obtain a greater degree of uniformity in the benefits that the use of mediation ensures, the major objectives that the Project e – MEdi@te should attain are:

    • to help setting common standards for mediation by fostering a comparative research on the way the EU member States deal with the mediation cases especially with cross-border ones.
    • to facilitate cooperation and sharing of know-how among EU countries in the field of ADR.
    • to improve the contacts, exchange of information and networking between judicial and administrative authorities and the legal professions
    • to strengthen and valorize the role of mediator providing advanced mediation training on the latest techniques.
    • to improve the daily life of individuals by enabling them to assert their rights throughout the EU fostering an easy access to justice; to create common culture among citizens and enterprises on the possibilities of access to ADR system.