Workstream 4: Communication and Dissemination

Workstream 4

This workstream is intended to coordinate and harmonise all project communication activities to reach and convince the identified target and give visibility to the project activities. It runs along the whole project’s life.

The main purpose of the dissemination and communication activities is then to raise awareness of the project in order to make e-Medi@te project a successful and sustainable product in the European context. As a general purpose WS4 aims also to disseminate the main results of the project by facilitating its implementation and helping the setting of common and shared guidelines on the ADR system. This will be carried out by using several instruments, such as scientific publications, conferences, seminars and workshops. In fact, special attention will be paid to the transfer of knowledge to European countries through meeting in all partner countries to achieve wider audience.

The Partnership agree to devote to communication efforts enough staff time not only during the WS4 activities but "indirectlty" during the whole project (WS2 and WS3 are strongly connected with communication activities) and try to focus on specific outcomes. As a general purpose this workstream aims also at disseminate the main results and to facilitate the implementation of the project. Media works (targeted Communication Kits) will be developed and released on Web Site to disseminate the results and main issues. Interviews and videos will be prepared on webcasting sites (e.g. youtube, EUtube, ePractice). Internet presence (e.g. social bookmarking, twittering project activities) participation in active nets will add some publicity. Other media will be routinely used, such as podcasts and slideshows all available on public sites.